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It is the aim of Norwich Financial Advice (NFA) to provide a first class Pension Advice and Retirement Planning service to personal clients in the Norwich and Norfolk areas of East Anglia. Whilst all our clients are different, and have individual goals and dreams they all harvest the benefits that only true independent financial advice can provide.


Retirement planning generally fall into three distinct phases coinciding with specific stages of life. The first phase is the accumulation phase which ideally should start as early as possible. In reality, most people do not seriously think about their retirement needs before their 40s or early 50s although they may have contributed towards various pension arrangements. The second phase is the consolidation phase where adjustments often need to be made to ensure that everything is on track.


The final phase is the decumulation phase which hopefully should last for many happy years without too many financial concerns.


Unless proper advice is obtained during each of these 3 phases, things can so easily go wrong or something can be missed out.


So, to achieve your financial objectives and maintain long term security, do yourself, and your loves ones, a favour and take the time to check that your pension plans and/or investments etc, really are doing what you thought (or hoped) they were doing - before it is too late!


This website contains an overview of some of the most common areas of interest to new and future retirees as well as more specific information on a range of selected topics. Hopefully, you will find information which is both useful to you and informative. You are of course always welcome to contact Norwich Financial Advice for a more specific, and FREE, initial discussion of any issues relating to your current or future retirement situation. 

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The value of investment-based pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise.

You may get back less than you invested.


Topical Issues


I don't want to retire right

now - maybe next year, or

the year after...  But, can I afford to cut down on my

work hours already?

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Is it a good idea to buy an

Annuity now or is it better

to wait?

Should it be a single or a

joint annuity?

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What is the right way to

arrange Investments?

How much risk can I

afford to take?

How much income can

I get?

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    Specialist Advice Areas

     Regulatory and Legal changes



Long Term Care is an issue that most of us would rather not think about. But should you, or your loved ones, need it later it can be VERY expensive if you have not prepared.




Although you may be entitled to a full or partial State Pension it is important that you also get to know what other benefits and support you may be entitled to in your later years. 

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Not very many people are aware of what Powers of Attorney really are or How they Work? You need to know that they In many cases can be of critical importance in a difficult situation. Read More...►




New rules allow increased flexibility for pension drawdown arrangements. But there are important aspects which need consideration.


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Is Income Drawdown a ticking time bomb?

Rule changes and low Gilt yields can have a large impact on drawdown Portfolios.


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